From the box to the pot to the bowl…

Recently we subscribed to a CSA (community-supported agriculture) service, one that delivers to our door a box of organically grown vegetables in the wee hours of the morning, in our case every two weeks. This morning I opened the front door to find the second box sitting on the step, full of my favorite kind of goodies. I spent a while thinking about which things to use immediately and which to put away in the fridge – also I had to browse recipes for beech mushrooms, which I found are too bitter to eat raw, and for radishes, which I didn’t feel like eating raw.

The two big bunches of broccoli immediately suggested a cream soup, so I worked on that while munching the sweetest Nantes carrots and washing some spinach leaves, which Mr. Glad put into his sandwich at lunchtime. After I poured the soup into a bowl I wanted to sprinkle a few chives on top, so I visited my huge clump next to the patio only to find that they had disappeared in the hard winter we had, and only a few short scapes (I just learned this name for the stems) were venturing forth at so far. I sprinkled some nutmeg instead.

The ingredients in this batch were: broccoli, onions, garlic, butter, chicken broth, black pepper, nutmeg, salt and cream. When the vegetables were tender I put almost everything into the blender, but I kept back some soft chunks for texture. After taking the picture, I ate the bowl of soup, and I’ll likely have another tonight for dinner. It might be my favorite way to eat broccoli.

9 thoughts on “From the box to the pot to the bowl…

  1. What a nice surprise to see lovely produce on your doorstep. Your soup is lovely, I made some the other night and it was such a treat. I don't know why I don't make it more. I do hope you got a bit of rain today.
    We got just a smidgeon. It is still nice.


  2. Must learn to make soup from scratch! I'm working on adding lots of veggies and fruits to my diet and getting rid of artificial stuff. I still cheat, but it's so much better than how I used to eat! Yummy looking soup!


  3. Oh, that looks very tasty and we are having the perfect weather for it. I love the idea of the box arriving on your door step. We have a Bountiful Basket thing that meets at the local school on Saturday mornings but it doesn't really fit with my weekend schedule at this point. Maybe some day. Do share more!


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