Happy Things

Today I’ll just mention a few things that have made me glad this week.

1) I’ve been waiting and waiting for a certain echinacP1100788 wht echea plant to start blooming. It is later than the purple coneflowers nearby, and I was expecting it to be the orangey-brown variety that I bought last summer after I saw Kim’s on her blog. It opened up this week and it’s not – it’s white, which I don’t even remember planting. That one like Kim’s must not have made it through the winter. But I like white.

2) I found some dishes Inew dishes 7-14 liked at Target. I like the color and the design, and that they were on clearance, so I bought the salad plates. I don’t have a complete set of any dishes. For most of my life I’ve specialized in white dishes, and we often bought a dozen bowls or plates at a restaurant supply store. They have held up very well over the decades of children learning to wash dishes. White dinnerware makes the simplest meal, if it has a balance of colors, look very special. To have this many dishes that are more colorful in themselves is a new thing around here.

3) We had Mr. and Mrs. C. over last night to watch a movie. We also ate some apple pie that I made and served on my new plates, and I picked a few zinnias fP1100770zniaor the table. I really did enjoy Elia Kazan’s “On the Waterfront.” It came out in 1954. Marlon Brando is great as the young man in the story, and the screenplay, as one reviewer said, is “impeccable.” There was an important part of the story about how Jesus is right there with you when you are at work in a dehumanizing job, and how He will help you to do the right thing. Those were the days!

4) I have alwaP1100786tshirtsys taken great satisfaction from doing laundry, especially my husband’s clothes. I even like ironing his shirts, but since he retired he wears more shirts that don’t need ironing, like the T-shirts I washed today. Folding and stacking these soft cotton knits freshly fluffed in the dryer makes it easy for me to be the Jolly Washerwoman.

5) Over 20 years ago we planted a rosemary bush next to our front sidewalk. Once or twice a year I prune it. Today I gave it a severe trimming and noticed how gnarly and thick the branches have become. I realized that even though it has some holes in its canopy, I’m not ready to replace it yet. It’s become an old friend.P1100780rsmry


6) I love succulents. I like sticking them into places that don’t get quite enough water to support most annuals. This afternoon I decided to do something about a bare spot that has showed up in the front yard, where the automatic misters for some reason don’t spray enough water. I dug up some of the red sedum from the back yard where it spreads like crazy, and put it in that spot with some granite rocks. Of course, I love granite rocks, too!

7) I love my robins. Yes, I was thrilled to discover that “he” is actually a pair of robins who have become frequent hoppers about the back garden. One day they sat on the fence facing each other having what seemed to be anP1100667robin on fence crp intense discussion, or maybe they were just singing a jazzy duet. They were too shy to let me take their picture together, but I did get one of them on that fence. A couple of days later I found “him” again on the other side of the garden, still at a distance, but more cleP1100750 robin crop 7-13-14arly silhouetted against the sky. Someday I hope to snap his picture on the birdbath, but I’m really glad to have this much success.

8) As I was planning this post I thought about how the many material things in our life can be thought of as having little value compared to the intangible realities like love and truth and kindness. But as soon as we are thankful for them, when we see them as gifts from our Father and receive a little bit of Him in them, they become threads connecting us to God, bringing grace in. And that’s the power of thankfulness.

12 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Very happy things, indeed, and they are all about feathering your nest and making your home comfortable and enjoyable. (I especially love the color of your dishes!) I wish you many more of God’s good gifts for which to be thankful and to bring grace pouring in. Hugs from Texas.


    1. Leslie, I wanted to tell you that another thing I found at Target recently is the Coconut flavor of those Le Croix sparkling waters you told us about a while back – one or two summers ago. Until now our local stores did not have the Coconut, but I kept checking, and voila!
      I think of you all the time because of your shopping tips; I also bought the inexpensive little vacuum you liked – it is *great*. ❤


  2. Great post! It is true, the physical blessings in our lives truly are important – if we receive them in the proper spirit of thankfulness. I’m charmed that you have robins in your post- as well as lovely plates that I would refer to as “robin’s egg blue” : )


  3. I love your list and I have never seen a white one. Mine didn’t survive the winter either.
    Though, today my husband is planting some more seeds in pots. Maybe I can get these to over winter.
    I love your list. I like your dishes too. I love that color of blue. So many tiny blessings that surround you. That is what I notice about hard things, it narrows our vision and gives us moments of joy.
    I love your yard. So many special things are there. How nice to have a pair of robins.
    Have a wonderful weekend. It is fantastic here today, cloudy, and cool. We even have a 20 percent chance of rain.
    Thinking of you so much.


  4. Just reading this made me happy and appreciative of all the material blessings and beauty around us every day. I love your new blue plates! And those two robins, and your gnarled rosemary bush. And your whole post, actually. Blessings to you this day.


  5. Your list is a hymn of thankfulness. Robins and flowers and rosemary and pretty dishes and family – wonderful things for which to give thanks.
    I made your potato salad for a boating picnic we enjoyed today. I did it all ahead and didn’t include the mint (husband’s taste). It was delicious! Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a great post about things that make you feel happy. I can relate to those things too.

    God is the giver of all blessings large and small, and seeing His handiwork in everything draws us closer to Him. I have much to be thankful for.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. That hibiscus is the way it is! I don’t do anything special to get those colors. It is called ‘Hugs-n-kisses’ and is my favorite hibiscus. I saw it three months after my dear husband went to be with Jesus and the colors drew me to it, but seeing the name of it was the deciding factor, and into my cart it went.

    I will be reading more of your posts and am looking forward to that.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady


  7. I loved sharing in your blessings. I find so much to be content with if I see it through His eyes. No matter what the circumstances, He can turn it into good for us. Wonderful post! I’ll check out your movie recommendation. 🙂


  8. What a lovely post, GJ! I could not find that movie on Netflix, but it sounds good. I love our old rosemary. She is a good friend, and I’m glad you’re letting her come again for another year. The sedum looks happy. Blessings, my friend.


  9. The dishes are a pretty blue. I love to shop at Target for their dinnerware. Even if I don’t buy I love to look. It is a coincidence (to me) that you wrote about “On the Waterfront”. A friend and I were discussing the old movies like that one just today. A very nice post.


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