September Views

This morning I pulled the heavy wooden shades halfway up the window, I was that hungry for the sun. Usually I just adjust the louvers, with the advantage that the dirty window is not much exposed.

bird on rosemary Sept 14

But looking out through the space, I saw five finch-sized birds pecking away at the rosemary, which is in bloom again. I wondered what are they doing? They weren’t hummingbirds, who might drink the nectar. And we don’t have a huge insect infestation on that bush. All but one flew away when I brought out my camera, and this one is not too sharp with the glare coming at me.

P1110308 vegies

See how brown the lawn is? It’s crisp now as well. Almost everyone is letting their lawn die this year; in fact, it might be a rule during drought that a few people are breaking. We do water the rest of the yard as needed, but our tomatoes only need a soaking once a month.

I hope everyone has noticed my restraint in publishing tomato reports. Except for the BLT post, I don’t think I’ve mentioned tomatoes all summer. We do have them, and my favorite this year is the Yellow Brandywine, pictured here with a pimiento.

little girl in church 9-14

Sunday I took a couple of pictures in church. This little girl in a big dress was just learning to walk. When her mother let go of her hand she sat down and did a little crab walk instead of toddling.


And here is a view looking up into the dome, Christ Pantocrator surrounded by angels, and a little lower down, twelve prophets.



We are in the middle of a lovely warm week. I haven’t been sleeping well, which makes me lazy. Laziness and summer go together by tradition – but how will I get all those tomatoes picked? Maybe when the weather turns cooler for good, I will become more energetic and productive. But for now I’m glad to have interesting things to look at.

8 thoughts on “September Views

  1. We are at the end of our tomatoes here. There are still a few, but we’re about to head into a spell of cool, rainy weather, and I fear they won’t ripen on the vine. It has been a good tomato summer, and I have lots of sauce and a little soup in the freezer for winter.



  2. I keep hoping for the weather to cool off and I will feel energetic. The lawns around here are so brown too. All of the roads and trees are now dying. It is so heart breaking.
    We have cut down and cut down on the water and now only enough to keep the trees alive. Even then we have lost trees. My poor orange trees. We lost fruit trees this year too. I think I have one peach left.
    I feel like a old witchy woman looking for signs that we will have rain. Every thing I can think of to watch I am.
    I keep you in my prayers every day. You are on my mind and heart.


  3. The church dome turned out so lovely (but of course)! I miss having tomatoes – we’ve been trying to eliminate a nematode infestation in our vegetable beds and so have only 2 very small tomato plants right now – volunteers that I transplanted into the veg garden about 3 weeks ago.


  4. Your brown grass makes me feel guilty for my green stuff. We have been watering every two weeks and they just let up and are allowing every week watering. I don’t know the reason for the change because the drought is the same. Love your views and hope cool weather comes soon. I think a cold front may have blown there in the last hour or two but I have not investigated it yet.


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