Lift High the Cross

This morning I wasn’t able to attend Liturgy, but as it was the Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, I was singing the Troparion hymn of the feast to myself as I went about opening the blinds and other movements of greeting the day. (“Oh, God, save Thy people, and bless thine inheritance….”) Gradually, without my fully noticing for a while, the melody of my humming changed to this hymn, which our family learned relatively recently and which has become a favorite of mine. I suppose it’s slightly more appropriate for another Sunday focusing on the Cross, that one in September when we consider The Elevation of the Life-Giving Cross. But it came to me today, so here it is, for your uplifting, too.

Lift High the Cross

12 thoughts on “Lift High the Cross

  1. I LOVE this hymn! I think I’ve always known it, but it is a favorite of mine and I love to belt it out at church! And I forgot to mention that I used to love the powdery white stuff on the calla lilys orange tongue, too. I used to slide my fingers up from the bottom and savor the softness!

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    1. Yes, Kate, and that brought the hymn to the forefront of my mind, and caused me to plow through Mr. Glad’s papers to find the music so that JFW could play it for us on the piano recently.


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