P1120610When I was young, the only lilies I knew were the ones our Sunday school teacher Mrs. Montgomery would bring into the church at Easter. I thought they must be what people meant when they talked about “Easter Lilies.” Eventually I learned that they were not.

True Easter Lilies still are not very familiar to me, or even appealing. It’s calla lilies that I have known and loved all these years, and that reward me year after year as a gardener, too, for very little investment. I always feel privileged to gather a few elegant blooms into a vase to display in the house. Sometimes they are blooming at such a time that we parishioners can fill the church with them for Palm Sunday, but more often than not, the show is over by then. I might call them my Lenten Lilies.P1120617lilies crp

8 thoughts on “lilies

    1. Leslie, I’ve never thought that callas had a noticeable scent, but I just went out to sniff a brand new one to be sure. I can’t smell anything there, which I guess is strange, isn’t it, among lilies? Maybe that is one reason their form is so beloved to me.


    1. Oh, my, LL, I had completely forgotten, due to its being continually present for decades now, that the Diego Rivera that even now is above my computer table shows a bouquet of callas bigger than I will ever gather. I may have to include that painting in my next calla post 😉


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