Beautiful Artos

artos 15 crpHere is this year’s Artos, the blessed bread that remains in the church all during Bright Week, one more reminder of the Resurrection and of how our Lord is The Bread of Life.

I’ve been looking at other photos of loaves of Artos and truly I think our parish has the most gorgeous! In a few days we will all get a piece to eat. I happened to go into the church kitchen last week while the dough was being kneaded, so I know it has olive oil and orange zest in it, but other than the wheat itself I don’t know what other flavors it holds.

The Gospel reading at the Bright Tuesday Liturgy told the story of the disciples meeting the risen Christ on the Road to Emmaus, and I was very moved by it. I seemed to feel as never before how their world had collapsed when Jesus was crucified and dead. How heartbroken they must have been, to be suddenly without the One who meant everything to them, who was their very life. And then to hear how He, not recognized, spoke to them, and “beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” (Luke 24) The drama of this well-loved story grew in my heart as our priest read the passage.

When they convinced Him to stay with them that evening, their eyes were opened as they broke bread and ate together, and they knew Him. Then He vanished from their sight, and they realized that even though they hadn’t at the time realized why, their hearts had “burned within them” as they had listened to Him on the road.

My heart was joyful, and I got chills thinking about the unspeakable gift of breaking bread with God, partaking of the Holy Mysteries and by that sacrament receiving a kind of knowledge that can only come by His grace.

And we are only halfway through Bright Week! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

artos 15

(This is my 900th blog post!!)

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Artos

  1. What a beautiful loaf! The baker is quite an artist. I love the story of the road to Emmaus. Jesus is so personal. He takes the time to be with each one of us. Always! 🙂

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  2. Bright Week! Bob and I always read the Emmaus passage before Easter supper. I too am awed by that encounter with Jesus.

    We talked about Paul yesterday and the road to Damascus. Since Paul had to learn absolutely everything about Jesus in order to find Him and His disciples outlaws, I can imagine Paul must have heard the “road to Emmaus” account. All the info on Christ Paul had heard must be mind blowing!

    Didn’t you bake the lovely brown loaves for our communion in RP? Loved it!!!

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  3. He is risen indeed! As always, I learn so much about the holy days of the church year through reading your posts.
    Since the Holy Spirit unites us, I pray for you as a sister in the Lord.
    His peace.

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