What to do with the rocks.

DSCN0011english wall
English wall by Pippin

“I was tired of well-meaning folks telling me it was time I got over being heartbroke. When somebody tells you that, a little bell ought to ding in your mind. Some people don’t know grief from garlic grits. There’s somethings a body ain’t meant to get over. No I’m not suggesting you wallow in sorrow, or let it drag on; no I am just saying it never really goes away. (A death in the family) is like having a pile of rocks dumped in your front yard. Every day you walk out and see them rocks. They’re sharp and ugly and heavy. You just learn to live around them the best way you can. Some people plant moss or ivy; some leave it be. Some folks take the rocks one by one, and build a wall.”

― Michael Lee West, American Pie

8 thoughts on “What to do with the rocks.

  1. This imagery has stuck with me since you posted it. I think I like it because it does not ignore the ugliness of the reality of grief, but also does not place it on your shoulders. It is there with you, but it does not have to become a barrier to the other lovelinesses in life unless you construct it in that way. I love you!

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  2. Yes – your work right now. The work God has given you. That’s a good way to look at it. I like the piece you posted. Some things cannot be “got over.” You incorporate them into who you are as best you can, and get on with life.

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  3. People can say really dumb, hurtful things. I think it’s because they really don’t want to enter into your grief with you; they want it to go away so they don’t have to deal with it. And because it’s hard to see people you care about hurting.
    I don’t think we’re meant to “get over” loss. It becomes part of us, and we walk with it. Life can still be beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this quote.

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