Collis marvels at a re-enactment.

The days were gleaming in a manner more often heard about than seen in June, and the surrounding fields and skies were shining with signs and answers and promises and prophecies and praise. The roller clattered, the dust rose, and the tractor gave  choking trouble at intervals, but I could not help being aware of that glitter and that gleam. And I marvelled at the thought of night coming soon, the mighty opposite, when all that radiance would go and all those colours pass. A common experience, night following day? Yet we may doubt if between the pram and the bath-chair we will ever see anything more fantastic than this change. Every dawn is the re-enactment of the world’s genesis, and the rising up of the light is the rising up of life.

— John Stewart Collis in The Worm Forgives the Plough

4 thoughts on “Collis marvels at a re-enactment.

  1. I should read this, and more, every. . . every. . . (often). Traveling now, but I’ll look for him in our library later. Thanks for the reference. Wonderful way to wake up in a strange city.


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