An everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.

I can’t let Theophany pass without posting something. The poetry and the glory are truly over-the-top, on this feast that is second only to Pascha in conveying the fullness of our salvation, the marvelous works of the Lord.Theophany 16 fr j read

At Royal Hours on Monday, and today on the feast itself, I kept taking out my little notebook to scribble down a few phrases that I could use to do research at home, with the idea that I could find prayers and hymns in their entirety on the Internet, for later meditation and writing. But I find that not everything is online.

And most of my scribblings turned out to be almost identical to the phrases that had caught my attention last year. That’s okay. It was good for me to read last year’s post, and probably some of you didn’t see it then or would enjoy it again as well, so here is the link: “We are watered by mystical streams.”

The very earth of our neighborhoodTheophany 16 girls end of processions has recently been well watered by rains that we acknowledge to be gifts of God, so it seemed this week that all of nature was participating in our celebration of the baptism of Christ.

Water itself is a basic element of the cosmos and is fundamental in the the Creation story: “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” When Jesus came to him for baptism, John was baptizing people in the Jordan River, the same river their ancestors had crossed on their entrance to the Promised Land, and in the homily today we heard that he was calling the people to come back to that event, to their beginnings, to their first love.Theophany 16 cross dip crp2

The Spirit of God also appeared at Christ’s baptism to affirm that He is the bearer of God’s Spirit. It’s all about the renewal of the Spirit in our lives, as at Theophany we are reminded of our own baptism and pray again that the Holy Spirit would revive and refresh us, as the showers of life-giving rain water the plants and make them fruitful.

We celebrated Divine Liturgy in our “big church” and then processed singing to the small church — the rain kindly letting up so that we didn’t have to carry umbrellas along with our banners — where water was blessed and sprinkled all around. While some of us filled our bottles with holy water others processed all over the property and ended with blessing the bells. Theophany 16 bless bells & choir

The many celebrations I’ve been part of at church since Christmas have watered my soul immeasurably. Theophany (and the splashing of water on my head!) is like the final drenching of this season, so that I feel wet through with the love of God and His Church, with the joy spoken of in Isaiah 51 (and mentioned in my title here). I want to go on day by day and find His mercies that are new every morning. If I follow the counsel of my priest I’m sure I will. He said that we shouldn’t bother with New Year’s resolutions, except perhaps to imitate St. Herman of Alaska who encouraged a constant repentance, saying, “From this day, from this moment, let us love God above all.”

10 thoughts on “An everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.

  1. I went back and read last year’s post. I enjoyed both posts immensely. I have tried to avoid resolutions this year, but I like the one you shared. Simple and profound. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year!


  2. We celebrated Epiphany, so I must look for Theophany and research it. I was told to get a gallon of water, a box of salt for blessing our house tomorrow by two of our priests, then followed by dinner. Our dinner will be simple by your standards and my contribution is a simple King’s tart. We will strive for an abundance of love to compensate. “Let us love God above all” will hopefully stick with me through the next few days.

    Our daughter is having major surgery on Jan. 14 and I would appreciate you putting her on any available prayer list. Julie is her name, God’s angels seem to know her. Thank you, peace and love, Nancy


    1. Nancy, I will pray for Julie. I had never heard of a King’s Tart, but having looked it up online, I wouldn’t call it “simple.” 🙂 Will salt be sprinkled around your house along with water?


  3. Your priest is wise. Grateful here for your passing on his advice. Also for this post, and for the link to last year’s reflection. I agree about the words and the water and the sunlight in church. Powerful!

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  4. Beautiful! I remember learning in Bible study that Pascha and Theophany were the 2 biggest feast days, before the Christians started celebrating the Nativity of Christ! Although we seem to honor Christmas more, the word Theophany means “the appearance of God” and it was the 1st time the Trinity was clearly evident!

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