Prayer to the choreographer.

I think it was blogger Albert who recently introduced me to the American Life in Poetry site. I found a poem by Dana Gioia posted there:  “This beautiful poem remembers his first son, Michael Jasper, whom Gioia and his wife Mary lost in infancy.”

In images that describe familiar things of our embodied life the poet conveys the mystery of God — and the mixed emotions we have about the things He does. For example,

Keeper of the small gate, choreographer
of entrances and exits, midnight
whisper traveling the wires.

You can read the whole poem on the ALP site; it’s easy to find there if you put the title in the search box at the top right of the page. The title is Prayer. And if you’d like to hear composer Morten Lauridsen’s musical setting, this site posts both the poem and a link to a YouTube video of a choir singing it.


6 thoughts on “Prayer to the choreographer.

  1. “Jeweler of the spiderweb.” The song made me cry. I believe the SRJC choir performed this piece.  Love to you, dear. 


  2. Fine poem. I’m glad to have been led there. Its 13-point litany generates a lot of thought but also some inspiring images. I liked the “holy mountain” suggestion at the end, as well as a different view of the Spirit—protector (prey-er) instead of comforter.

    Also, great photograph! It’s a reminder about attending to imagery; about reading poems visually and imaginatively, and not just for ideas.

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