How do I love pie?

As I looked forward to National Pie Day — today, January 23rd — I’m afraid I let my thoughts swirl into heady daydreams that were like gusts of wind that pick up bits and pieces of litter here and there and then suddenly drop the lot in an untidy jumble.

First thought: Oh, Pie Day is coming again! I must bake a pie!

Maybe another Pear Pie, as at left?

gl birthday berry pie 3-16Thought #2: If I am going to all the trouble to make a pie, I might as well do more than one kind.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

#3: If I am baking more than one pie, I better invite some guests to help me eat them.

#4: Why not plan for 3-4 kinds of pie, and have a Pie Open House, say from 4-7 p.m. on Pie Day, to accommodate the schedules of several friends. glp-pie-nothing-but

Another chain of events and thoughts brought me to my senses. Last week at our agape meal I was served a big slice of cheesecake, enough pie to last me a month at least. And this morning I reviewed my short-term goals and realized that Pie Day does not facilitate them…


(The above picture is of my own Amusing Lemon Meringue Pie)

Goals? Since when do I have goals? I am certainly not the goal-oriented type, but I am trying some wintertime goals this year that involve: 1) spending time in a large room that needs a thorough sorting and organizing, and it’s not the kitchen; and 2) ramping up my exercise to recover strength I’ve lost in the last two years or so — also not going to happen in the kitchen.

Leek Tart

If you let me count the ways I love pie, it might be that I love the idea and history and symbolism of pies more than the eating of them. I remember my grandma and a friend named Kris, either of whom could put together a pie and have it in the oven as easily as some of us butter a piece of bread. There was the time we watched my daughter Pippin form the first rustic galette I ever saw made, one of the select few pies ever to come out of the difficult oven in our mountain cabin. I recall happy days in the kitchen with the counters — and sometimes floors — white with flour, when I would revel in being able to accomplish this kind of nourishment for the body and soul.

In later years it has been easy to take pictures of these pastries, each one a unique event. When Mr. Glad was still my fiancé we never thought of taking a picture of the first pie either of us had made, as we worked together on it and laughed (afterward) about the Pie Predicament we ran into. But it is the one part of that Thanksgiving feast that remains in my mind.

Vegan Pineapple Coconut Pie

When I am reading the recipes and remembering pies of the past, or rolling out the crust — or especially admiring one fresh from the oven! —  I’m energized with creative joy and the idealism of family love and tradition. When I sit down to eat my pie, I am faced with — my weakness. I am one of those people for whom the wholesome enjoyment of that first bite quickly turns into a passion of the wrong kind.

Pie as an ideal and as memories brought me to the creative satisfaction of writing this post. Pie as a reality becomes something I too often consume with a lack of reverence. It’s not too late for repentance, you say? That is true; we must never stop repenting.  🙂  I won’t refuse gifts of pie, but this year at least I will let my celebration be mostly in words and pictures, without spending a whole day at it.

One thing I might like to do today is look around Blogland and see if any of you are baking and/or eating a special pie today. I will love to look at your pictures and celebrate together!


25 thoughts on “How do I love pie?

  1. Thank you for letting me know it’s National Pie Day! I won’t be eating pie today (I’m starting the Whole30 plan, so no crusts of any kind for me for the next month), but the very thought of pie makes me happy.


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  2. No pie for me today — I didn’t even know it was pie day. I usually mark that other day on March 14. You know. Pi Day (3.14). Have you ever made a pie with a pi sign on it? Cherry’s especially good!

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  3. I’d forgotten it was pie day! I commented yesterday to Adam that our fresh eggs were building up, and he suggested a quiche for supper this evening. That’s a bit of celebration of this day. But for me there is nothing so delicious as a good fruit pie — peach, cherry, apricot, even apple or blueberry. Yummmmmm. Like you, just that first look and scent is enough to send me diving in. I adore fruit pie much much more than any cake. French silk chocolate pie. Lemon meringue. I could live on pie. Actually, I’d love to eat pastry wrapped around all manner of things, and call myself done with any other food type. If I were in your neck of the woods, I’d convince you to have a pie party day with me!!

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  4. This post has entered my morning and left me suddenly confused.

    Pi is a mathematical constant representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14. It is a nice little number, what harm could it do? But then if one starts squaring Pi you suddenly have a number that keeps going and going 9.8696044…. Is that what happens to you?

    But why square a sweet little pie? I think we need to stick with tradition and hold to that fact that all good pies are round …but wait still … that doesn’t mean I should start thinking about blackberry pie or peach…apple pie or … or does it?

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    1. Jeannette, I wonder if that is how Harold ended up with nine kinds of pie – he might have been confusing things, too. Perhaps it would be best to wait until Pi day when some of us are in Lent, and would have to be satisfied with mathematics. But no, even the thought of Pie is much more enjoyable to me than the contemplation of Pi. By March I will be focusing on a different sort of joy altogether. Happy Pie Day! I hope you can recover from this confusion I have caused! ❤


  5. I like your post and the photos of your beautiful pies. We made a pie last Thursday, four days early :-), to celebrate my husband’s return from yet another trip to the East Coast. When asked if he prefers cake or pie, W responded with an adamant, “Pie!”, and E with blissful smiles as he beheld his slice. The family fondness for pie continues…Happy Pie Day to you and your lucky guests!

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  6. I didn’t know it was “pie day.” What a wonderful blog you wrote about that. I have decided not to indulge in making pie as well. I too have goals for the year. One is going through every room and sorting and organizing and getting rid of “treasures” we no longer need. We are also exercising some too. Have a great day, even if you don’t make all those pies~~HA!

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  7. Oh those pies look so nice! I love that bird in the last one!!! We are going to be working on strength building too, once we are a bit better; my Husband is still recovering but slowly gaining. We are finding that hot baths and YL oils are helping. I wish you all the best with your goals!!!

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  8. It’s very difficult for me to say no to pie, especially if whipped cream is involved! Or a really good apple pie. It seems my reaction following the first bite of pie is just the same as yours. 🙂 It’s a good thing I did not know this was National Pie Day or I would have planned ahead made sure there was a pie in the house, and had two or three slices by now – one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dessert.

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  9. It would be nice to bake a pie. I think any day is a great day to bake pie. When I was in second or third grade my Dad’s Mom, my granny, came to stay out our house. I remember coming home from school. It was cold and when I walked in the house it smelled of pie. On our kitchen table were about 20 different kinds of pies. She told me I could have a piece of any kind I wanted. She was baking for a church social and she was taking them to that. I still remember how wonderful it was to come in the house to warm pie. She made the best pie crust in the whole world. I love the pictures of all of your pies.

    Have a lovely day.

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  10. Your pie photography is beautiful and draws me in. I love pie too. All pie. Today I made a pie in honor of the day. A Lemon Cloud Pie. Thanks for celebrating the day with your lovely post, Gretchen.

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  11. It is your fault, Dear Lady, that after being in the kitchen most of the day, and being quite tired, I still made myself whip together a strawberry-apple crisp. I am tired. And it isn’t a pie, because a pie for two middle-aged people is not the best idea, but a crisp is just this side of a pie, and very delightful, too. Pie was put into my head this morning when I read your (charming) post, the idea evolved into crisp, we’re supposed to have a nor’easter tonight and I always seem to make a crisp when stormy weather threatens. Thank you, I suppose. 😀

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      1. Please do not suppose you need to apologize! 😉
        In view of your love of pie, I feel I should tell you (in case you don’t know) that the first Saturday of February every year is Have Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. If you might want to know that. 🙂

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  12. I wish I had thought of this yesterday, but I have a nice pie story.

    When I was young, I hated coconut. I wouldn’t touch anything that had coconut in it. I suspect now that it was the consistency.

    When I was eleven or twelve, I was at summer camp and one night my counselor got to take the evening off and go into town. She came back about 10 pm with a coconut cream pie for us, but had forgotten the forks. So we all clambered down out of our bunks and sat on the floor of the cabin in the dark and ate that pie with our fingers. It must have been a terrible mess, but that was the most delicious pie I’d ever had — forbidden fruit, I guess. From that night on, I’ve loved coconut.


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  13. Beautiful, poetic, delicious post! I love that you talk about the idealism of family love and traditions — I’m implying built-in grace for those of us who don’t always live the dream!

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  14. Pie….My dd Alice made a chicken pot pie for dinner last night. My mother made the best flakiest fruit pies on earth. She only used milk and butter. That combination apparently allows a little more handling without loss of tenderness. Her pies were sooooooo flaky.

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  15. I loved learning about the importance of pie in your life! So many good ideas for what you would do with them. I confess that I have never made a pie. I am not overly fond of that type of pastry although I do like eating them when I am served one which is silly that I am not so fond!!!

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  16. I am loving visiting your blog and reading some of your posts again! I have placed blogging on hold for a season, but every once in a while I “get hungry” for a taste of reading blogs and posting.

    I do wish I had known about Pie Day. I have a crust recipe I love to use for pumpkin and apple pies, but to tell the truth I make more cobblers and tarts.

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