Finches say No to microgreens.


I wondered wp1060683crphy I hadn’t seen any goldfinches on the feeder lately. It hasn’t been pouring rain all the time, and a couple of weeks ago they liked feeding even during showers. The weather has been mostly a big cloud, and then added to that, I have personally been Under the Weather. When I came out from under, and the sun also came out, I explored my estate this morning and discovered that the nyger seed has become sprout soup.




The Christmas cactus missed Christmas, being shut up in the dark greenhouse. Now it is blooming, and frosty weather isn’t imminent, so I took it out where I can see it from my kitchen window. The tarragon is growing well in that greenhouse, though.






How many pictures of poppies can I post here before my readers start to rebel? How would you show your ennui? Probably you all are too kind to say anything. It’s really not that easy to get a good picture of an Iceland poppy; there is just a moment when the delicate petals are fresh and new, and the sun is not too bright. Yellow flowers are almost always too bright even without the sun. They blooms can’t be too wet, or they hang their heads soggily. This one was the morning’s gift.



16 thoughts on “Finches say No to microgreens.

  1. Well I wouldn’t rebel, I love Iceland poppies and since I have only grown them with success once, I think they are beautiful. We have frost in the forecast later this week. It surprised me, but that is what the weather man said today. Maybe the day all of my trees are in full bloom.

    I can’t believe how much rain you have had in your area. Is your little creek that you walk by full to the brim? Everything is full down here.

    I love your pictures. I do believe spring is upon us.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

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  2. Don’t stop the Poppy pics. I love Iceland Poppies but they don’t like my wintery wet garden. I make do with other varieties that are not fussy.

    I’m glad you are feeling better.

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  3. Rebel?…certainly not me. Each photo is unique and can stand alone with its own merit.
    I have had the exact same thing happen with my thistle(nyger)seed for outside finches.
    Glad to know you are improving.

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  4. Hi Sweetheart! Great post as always. I always love to read about you and your relationship to nature. It’s very inspiring. When I was early married, we had finches and my then husband called them flinches because they are so highly strung. love, Prisca

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  5. Your poppy was a good reminder to me that I’ve missed a friend’s poppies several years in a row. I intend to call her today and check on their progress. I think it’s still a little early for them here, but this is the year I intend to see them, despite the required drive.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Isn’t it such a gift, to feel good again after feeling bad?

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  6. I am always uplifted by seeing your garden! Mrs. Waller, the elderly lady next door, had a bed full of poppies – I love seeing yours and I love the prompt to remember her! Glad you are well and able to participate fully during Lent.

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    1. DeAnn, I ordered some Oriental Poppies as well, yesterday, for my backyard garden, because the various poppy seeds I planted in the fall did not sprout. Now if I can find a place to tuck them in….?


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