It would be conferred on them by a gift.

john-cassian“So much did the apostles realize that everything which pertains to salvation was bestowed on them by the Lord that they asked for faith itself to be given them by the Lord when they said: ‘Increase our faith,’ for they did not presume that its fullness would come from free will but believed that it would be conferred on them by a gift of God.

“The Author of human salvation teaches us how even our faith is unstable and weak and by no means sufficient unto itself, unless it has been strengthened by the Lord’s help, when He says to Peter: ‘Simon, Simon, behold Satan has sought to sift you like wheat, but I have asked My Father that your faith might not fail.'”

–St. John Cassian

7 thoughts on “It would be conferred on them by a gift.

  1. It just occurred to me this morning that, just as your Christmas celebration falls differently in the calendar, so might Easter and Lent. I found websites saying that today is your first day of the Great Lent — is that so?

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  2. I remember taking a test in Sunday School years ago to identify my spiritual gift and it showed that mine was the gift of faith. That’s been a comfort to me over the years simply because I knew it was a gift, no attainment on my own part.

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  3. Amen – I believe this. Thank you for sharing St. John Cassian with your friends. I was so blessed Sunday to be with you and Miriam and many amazing people. Love, Christie

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