Beyond the grave and beyond time.


“Saint John Chrysostom says in one of his writings that the terrible thing is, when someone dies, that we look at the person whom we loved and say, ‘And yet, I have been unable to love him, love her to perfection.’ But then we must remember that life does not cease with death, that life continues, that for God all are alive, and that our mutual love and our mutual power to forgive go beyond the grave and beyond time. This is what Father Lev Gillet called a certainty of hope.”

-Metropolitan Anthony Bloom

5 thoughts on “Beyond the grave and beyond time.

  1. “That for God, all are alive” — yes, yes! What a hard concept that is for humans to accept, to live out. How it changes us and frees us to simply say to ourselves, “He is not dead. He’s still alive. He’s just not here.” When Scripture tells us that Love is as strong as Death, what a comfort that is! Our loves are not stopped by anyone’s death. Love continues flowing back and forth across death’s barrier, between those who love.

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