Recipe with bees and thyme.

One recipe for a Satisfying Day just fell together starting as soon as I woke up yesterday.
It included:

*Waking up early enough to take a walk before church.

*Picking pineapple guava petals from a hedge down the block
and sharing them with a neighbor who was also out walking.
My cousin Anne told me that you can eat them,
and they truly are as sweet as candy.

*Not putting off drudgery such as stretches and floor exercises.

*Managing to stand through most of church (this was easier after having walked, etc.)
and receiving Holy Communion, on the Sunday of All Saints of America.

*Wowing over the catalpa tree at church. Each flower is like an orchid…

*Shopping for garden twine at the nursery across the road from church
and finding seeds as well ๐Ÿ™‚

*Talking to my dear cousin Renรฉeย  on the phone
while sitting in the garden with the sun on my back.

*Taking pictures of bees on the thyme while talking.

*Sorting through pictures of bees I took before and finding some good ones.

bee on echium
bee on privet

*Eating vegetables.

*Taking more pictures of bees on the echium.

*Sorting through more pictures.

“Friendliest Weed” in my garden is blooming prettily.

*Taking an evening walk beside the creek and studying the mystery grass again.

*Identifying a plant in the creek: It’s buckeye! I know buckeye, but only as a tree; I wasn’t used to seeing leggier growth in the creek. This picture shows some of the lighter green leaves of buckeye in the creek, a mature tree above, and even some mystery grass in the middle. I don’t think it’s Timothy grass, which one of my commenters suggested, but it looks more like Timothy than anything else so far:

*Going to bed too soon to finish this post last night,
but early enough to contribute to a new recipe for yet another Good Day!


14 thoughts on “Recipe with bees and thyme.

  1. Well, did you eat it? Is it sweet? For heaven’s sake, woman – do tell us! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, I am just realizing (as a night owl) how much you can get done it you get up with the sun, AND without rushing! This is hard for me, because I am inclined to stay up late, but the summer mornings are so magical. And yes, that catalpa tree looks fabulous. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Good Morning Gretchen,
    So is Renee your cousin as in Renee’s garden seeds? That has been my favorite place to buy seeds since I have been gardening. Her collection of pumpkins and sunflowers are the best in the world. I love your walk and all of the beautiful sights around you. Your weather looks just perfect.
    What a perfect day.

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  3. What a beautiful Sunday. Loved your post about it. It felt as if you were trailing your fingertips over tops of pretty flowers on a garden walk, touching this one and that one as you passed by. Some lovely photos, especially that splendid catalpa tree. The blossoms are exquisite. We don’t have such trees in our area, so it was a real treat to see it.

    Wishing you a beautiful day… Brenda xox

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  4. Wonderful days such as you had are gifts that we should enjoy to the fullest. As it would seem you did..

    The Pineapple guava flowers are so pretty and just imagine… they also taste good. I’ve only eaten Nasturtium flowers. As a child I’d bite the peppery ‘tail’ off the flowers..

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  5. All the perfect ingredients for a satisfying day. Those are the best! The flower petals look intriguing. One homeowner along a route I walk had a huge catalpa tree. I loved seeing it bloom. New owners took it out and the front garden looks rather bereft.


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