Reading the Christmas tree.

Is your tree still up? My little “bird tree” is, and when I was at church last, the Christmas tree in the narthex still shone with lights and a few sparkly ornaments, and with cards printed with icons or quotes, such as these:

It’s the first time I recall being able to read a Christmas tree, and I liked it very much.

7 thoughts on “Reading the Christmas tree.

  1. Yes, my tree’s still up! I keep it until the eve of Epiphany on January 6, together with other decorations. Since the Christmas season begins on December 25 and continues for those twelve lovely days, it just seems right.

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  2. Our tree will be up for a long time – now is the time to enjoy it. (of course, it’s artificial, so I’m not having to be concerned about falling needles)
    On our tree are several nativity ornaments and several which are Christian themed in various ways. I have to admit that these used to annoy me, as I had in my mind an image of the perfectly beautiful tree, and colors and shapes were the important thing in achieving that. I have cards and nativities elsewhere in abundance, so they didn’t need to be on the tree, as far as I was concerned. When I put up the tree this year, I remembered that last year’s wasn’t that great: it was dark and dull, with too much blue. I ditched those blue ornaments, bought some large, white wooden snowflakes, and found that when I finally put up the rest of the ornaments, these “annoying” ones rounded out the tree in such a way that I can’t remember when it has looked so beautiful! I’m happy to say that this Scrooge-i-ness that was in me seems to be gone now!
    I like your tree with the words of truth and wisdom on it. 🙂 xo

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    1. Lisa, I loved reading about your creative tree decorating through the years. When I was young and not “in charge” of the tree, I remember being mildly shocked when my grandmother would do different things with her Christmas tree – which meant that she was not using the ornaments from the previous year! I guess it’s only natural that our feelings about this tradition would evolve over time, given how it is symbolic of so many things in society and in our minds, and is an opportunity for our artistic gifts to grow and regularly be put to use. Now that I’m the only one making decisions about the Christmas tree here, all this comes to light. 😊


  3. Our tree is up until at least the feast of the Three Kings, Epiphany, Twelfth Night, January Sixth. I do love your reading tree, or tree to read.


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