Jamie and a jay.

Hailstorm, thunder and lightning, only two days ago. Oooh, my tender plum blossoms!

The next day, I cleaned the bird feeders of seed that had sprouted or turned to nut butter. This morning they are both full again with two types of seed, and a blue jay came to eat black oil sunflower seeds. I hadn’t seen a jay in months.

Here is a little house finch I watched through the window for a full ten minutes last week, as he sat alone on the feeder, not eating, while his chapel perch swung gently in the breeze, in and out of the dappled sunlight.

Maybe he was debating about whether he was hungry enough to bother with the inferior food behind him. Did he see me through the window, was he pleading with me to freshen the offerings?

I wonder if he was the same fellow who flew right to the screen door yesterday and clung to the rail, seemingly trying to peer in and locate the human he held responsible for the mess of the tray feeder especially. Well, today everyone is jubilant, doves, juncos, finches, the whole bunch of my friends.

Pippin and family are here to celebrate Jamie’s birthday which was earlier this week. He is the boy who waited to be born until his mother had been able to participate fully in saying good-bye to his Grandpa Glad. It was the day after my husband’s funeral that he came into the world, and I had let you all know about those events with this post, “Death and Life in Springtime.” So, Jamie is four years old! We have lots of good things planned for the weekend, about which I might share afterward, including a visit to Grandpa’s grave.

“They say” we will have a few sunny days now before more rain comes. When I shopped for the bird seed yesterday I bought a couple more plants which I will set out as soon as possible. Here’s a picture of all the new things, with a couple of old things:

bacopa and calendula

And below, the ginger-scented geranium I bought at the big farm festival last summer:

It’s been hanging out in the greenhouse all winter. When it began to bloom I wanted to have it in the house where I can see it all the time and get a whiff now and then.

Happy Spring to all my dear readers and friends!

12 thoughts on “Jamie and a jay.

  1. Strangely enough, having had only a little rain after a long drought, some trees in our garden are putting forth the new leaves that should have come in spring – yet our autumn has just begun!


  2. A belated birthday wish for 4 year old Jamie. I went back to read about his arrival.
    I like all your new plants. Spring is full of hope!


  3. Lovely posts: both this one, and the linked. I was entranced by the thought of a geranium with fragrance. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one. Of course, most I’ve known have been that standard box-store issue, so there’s that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy post with good memories in spite of the sorrow that will remain until He wipes away all the tears eternally.
    I like your bird feeder very much, and house finches are always a delight to watch in my backyard. Enjoy your dear family visits and plantings.
    Four years…does it truly seem that long to you I wonder?


  5. Precious story about Jamie’s birth and his mother. I know his birthday celebration must be very special to all of you.

    We have so many finches here that we considered naming our home Finch Hill. They are good company and they do chatter away. I am determined to try scented geraniums. They have such a graceful look, an old fashioned look. Yours is beautiful.

    Happy Spring to you, Gretchen,


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