15 thoughts on “first rain

  1. We received September’s total normal rainfall over this past weekend. Needless to say there were overflowing eaves and puddles everywhere!


  2. “Sweet” is the right word.. The center leaves bring to mind baby birds, beaks up, drinking..The group could be children playing under a hose

    In our part of the Mississippi valley it’s been either deluge or sunbake, off and on for months. Storm drains and low lying roads overwhelmed, then heat alerts– as now, when elders are warned to hide inside.

    Blessed day for you and your neighbors!

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  3. We had some tropical downpours today, and we’re in line for some real rain over the next two or three days. We need it, and I hope it overspreads the state for once, instead of clinging to the coast. Your lamb’s ear is lovely. Its fuzzy leaves remind me of our Verbascum thapsus, or common mullein. It’s been introduced from the same part of the world.

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    1. The first rain after our normal rainless summer, which is considered the first rain of the season when we are reasonably hopeful of getting rain, 7-9 months. We almost never get any June through August, and often are without a drop of precipitation May through September.


  4. I so agree! We have had unusually mild, warm weather on the Oregon coast this summer, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, but when we had a hard blustery rain last week, it felt both needed and cosy. Sweet indeed!

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