Glimpses of then and now.

I had just begun to eat my eggs and greens when I glanced out at the garden table and knew it was warm and cheery there, so I moved out to that sunny corner. There were two lovely bird sounds close by that I haven’t heard lately, and I wondered who was singing, and if I had identified them before…

Then a new sound, and hopping noises in the hopbush, and whom did I see but my old wren friend Bewick! I’m pretty sure I haven’t noticed him in a couple of years. The titmouse was back, too, this week, peeking from under the wisteria. The birds are telling me it’s fall.

I have yet to do most of those pre-winter chores outside; somehow it always seems more necessary to read poems, or watch and write about the garden instead of working in it. I did plant a pot of mums, and had Alejandro transfer a bunch of succulents out of pots and into my gravel area under the manzanita. After I told him which one was my favorite, I came back this morning to see that he had put a circle of small stones around it.

I spent an hour last night looking at pictures of my back yard just four years ago. It is pretty unbelievable what has “happened” since then, by which to say, what the rain and sun and tiny plants have done together, after humans arranged them to work in harmony. The next few photos are from fall of 2015:

The photo below is from February 2016, about two months after planting, through my rainy bedroom window. One of the dodoneas is already dying, and the replacement for the first, defective, fountain is already installed and running.

And this morning:

Oh, but all this new landscaping went in just a moment ago, compared to the events I will be remembering with friends this weekend: My K-8 elementary school is having a reunion, spanning ten years of graduating classes, and I am driving south to take part. Other than my siblings, I haven’t seen any of the people who will be there since high school or before. I don’t think we’ll be wanting to take pictures of our older selves in the “now” – we much prefer the “then” from our yearbooks, where we all look so cute! This one is me in First Grade.

Next, glimpses of my garden currently, and goddaughter Mary on her family’s trampoline, from last week when I got to spend a little time with them.

Work has ramped up on my remodel project. The latest delay has been over non-standard construction in the original house, which was revealed after removing sheetrock in advance of moving a closet wall. This photo shows the three main parties so far, including the contractor and the architect, who are calculating the necessary strength of extra beams they will install to bear the current load, in addition to the weight of the new rooms.

It made me happy to hear how conscientious they are about it. The architect said to me, as I listened in on their hour-long discussion yesterday, in between their tromping up and down the stairs from the garage to the great room above it, “You are learning about how not to build a house.” Everyone has been saying, “Once they get started, it shouldn’t take long.” I think we are at that point now, of having started. But until now, that point was theoretical.

I guess that’s about enough procrastination, and I must go pack a suitcase!
Those garden chores will have to wait till next week. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Glimpses of then and now.

  1. Your garden is really lovely. And how nice/comforting it is to have people helping/working on both landscaping and house building who know what they are doing and who are honest and conscientious.

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  2. What you’ve done with your yard is amazing!! It looks so green and lush. Sorry the construction has been slower than anticipated. Seems there’s always a hitch somewhere.

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  3. It is so nice to read and see good news.

    And about the chores, dont worry–your past record is a reliable indicator. Go ahead and read a few poems, collect experiences, and keep on showing and telling (a pretty worthwhile chore in itself, I’d say.)

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    1. I only have one species of wren, but no, I don’t know if it was the same representative of his tribe. I guess I’m a little presumptuous, the way I assume/wish that the ones I meet tell all their relatives about me.


  4. Your Bewick Wren might have come down to visit you from my back garden! Perhaps they visit back and forth between your garden and mine. A fanciful, but lovely thought. Lovely is also a word to describe your garden transformation in just 4 years. I hope that you will look back on the house renovation with the same delight.

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  5. I love the before/after photos of your garden! That is evidence of plants well-loved and well-cared for. I know you enjoy it so much now, as a haven both for wildlife and for you.
    I confess to being confused about what’s happening to your house. I didn’t know you were adding rooms to it. That is a big project. I hope it’s over soon – the state of chaos is so difficult to bear, even in a small project, and esp. in a big one. Glad you can get away for a bit!

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  6. Cute little rock circle. Wow! It’s amazing what a little time and patience can do in a garden! (And lots of work!) What a darling first grader you were! Have a great time with your chums!

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