She wears a pink hat while drinking.

That honeybee knows just where she’s going…

The Lamb’s Ears remind me of my grandma’s bathroom.
In the 50’s she had it all soft in gray and pink.

Smooth pink sheets were on our beds at her house,
some of which I still have.
Good quality!

Little honeybee,
thank you for the memory, and for today’s visit.
You look cute in your pink hat!

16 thoughts on “She wears a pink hat while drinking.

  1. Oh, my. When my parents built their new house in 1958, the bathroom was — pink and gray! Pink fixtures, pink and gray tile, deeper pink carpet. Oh, my.

    And those were the days of pink and gray abstract formica patterns, too. You remember: the ones that looked like boomerangs.

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    1. What colors were in the kitchen of that house? My grandma had pale green cupboards, table and chairs. I still own her kitchen table and chairs, only one chair of which is still that green.

      Come to think of it, my parents’ house that my father built in 1956 had light green linoleum tiles in the kitchen….

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      1. That was the era of Harvest Gold! Thank goodness Mom didn’t choose Avocado. In the house we moved from, the colors of the time were maroon, gray, forest green, chocolate brown, and chartreuse. Remember the dishes?

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      2. Your family was surely in the advance guard of decorating, Linda. Where I lived we didn’t get everything gold and avocado until the 70’s. I had a years-long spiritual lesson in thankfulness and humility from the fancy gold drapes my husband and I couldn’t afford to replace.

        Do you think we’re returning to gray now, in decorating trends? I don’t know about pink, though.

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      3. When I moved into my new apartment, the color scheme was gray walls and white woodwork. To be honest, I love it. It has the neutrality of white or beige, but isn’t nearly as boring, and any color combines well with it. No pink for me, thank you very much — if I’d found that, I would have painted over it in a flash!

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  2. Sweet memories of your grandmother. My grandma was a sweetheart but grandpa was rather stern and on the grumpy side. Funny what we remember from ‘back then’.


  3. Such a great title for your post. Great photos of the bees and the lamb’s ears. There is a fair bit of grey in our home, but no pink to go along with it. I’ve always liked pink and gray together, although the bubble gum pink of 60s decor doesn’t appeal.


  4. I have never seen lamb’s ears look so lovely. They don’t seem to grow so well around here. And to see the bees on them, well, that’s just so special. Our bees are loving our goats beard and lavender right now.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
    Brenda xox


  5. Sheets from back then were umpty ump threads while today they’re 200 and probably cotton and polyester. When my paternal grandmother died, the family gave me her flannel nightgowns and I wore them for 7 years before they were fit to be cleaning rags.
    Fabulous photos, simply fabulous!


  6. I’m working my way backward through your posts. I’ve enjoyed your posts about bees – be careful about those carpenter bees. They will eat the wood on your house or anything else they can find. You take great close-ups of them!

    Your lambs’ ears are just gorgeous. I tried so hard to grow them here; I love them. But it’s just too wet, and they actually kind of rotted away. Quite sad. But yours are fabulous!


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