End of June tune.

When Daughter Kate and her family arrived, we soon established a tradition of drinking smoothies in the afternoon, on the sunny patio. Raj especially liked the thick one I made with mango, ice, rice protein and pineapple juice concentrate. Then there was chocolate banana. And strawberry.

He hadn’t seen the playhouse in six months, and was quite pleased.

Rigo celebrated his first birthday, and he was pleased, too.

Raj sings pretty much all through the day, and he carries a tune awfully well for a two-year-old. I love having Raffi and every children’s folk song wafting through the house and garden.

By the way, out there, a hollyhock whose seeds I planted several years ago is blooming for the first time. [It’s Black Currant Whirl from Baker Creek seeds.] It’s in a very out-of-the way spot behind the mock orange, and grew giant buds before I ever noticed. Then today, this!

I went to church today for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Blessed Feast! Our parish is not open yet on Sunday mornings; that is, we aren’t able to be in the building except for a short time when we file through to receive the sacrament. But because this was a weekday Liturgy, not a large crowd was expected, and we could stand through the service at an appropriate distance from one another. I was an hour late because I’ve been busy with other things than keeping track of the service schedule that’s been changing a lot lately. It was still quite a blessing.

I visited the icon of Saint Isadora, whose message I know that I always need, but never more than these days and months we’ve had lately. And what a gorgeous flower surround for the icon of the saints of the day.

I’ll see you in July! ❤


12 thoughts on “End of June tune.

  1. What precious grandsons you have, Gretchen ❣️ They look very happy to be there. I’m quite pleased with your playhouse too.😊


  2. Such sweet little boys! What a joy they must be to you and to their parents, of course.

    That Black Hollyhock is stunning. None of mine are blooming as yet but many have leaves splotched with rust(?). Too bad because it’s very unsightly.


    1. After I published my post, I went looking for the seed packet. They are Black Currant Whirl from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Missouri. I also had some pale pink hollyhocks on the other side of the garden and they were always looking ragged and rusty and yes, unsightly, so just a week ago I pulled them out. That was before I saw these healthy and dark ones!


  3. What a blessing to be allowed to have family visit! I wish you so much joy in their company – they are bound to uplift your spirits!!!


  4. I’ve heard it takes hollyhocks a year or two to bloom. These are glorious — well done!

    And those little ones — oh, how thrilled you must have been to see them and be with them. They are adorable!


  5. The grand boys are growing fast! I’m a fan of smoothies, too. It’s a good way to get in some veggies and fruit. I usually combine spinach, carrot juice, banana, and berries of some sort. Some of these are frozen and, along with the banana, give it some thickness. I never thought I’d love black hollyhocks, but those are beautiful! That is a gorgeous flower arrangement around the icon! 🙂


  6. Precious times with your grandchildren…yay! Memories of yummy foods at my Grandmother’s house are prominent for me. My grandmother was a baker, and was always baking some yummy treat early early in the morning to be ready for breakfast. My favorite were her airy sweet rolls that we dipped in a mixture of fresh heavy farm cream mixed with boysenberry syrup. Enjoy these special days with them. I know you are. 🙂


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