Summer Cottage


This is a house
That smells of melons and roses
Sea-wind pours through it
The airy curtains float
And the wiry sprays
Of the sea-lavender
Tremble on the table

The hushed roar
Of the massive ocean
Covers us night and day
It shelters us
Like a tree shadow
We live in it
As in a forest.

-Anne Porter







Beach Shack, Door by Maureen Gallace


7 thoughts on “Summer Cottage

  1. We don’t have “The hushed roar/Of the massive ocean” to cover us “night and day” but for the past week have had howling wind that has much the same effect. This is a lovely poem and the painting you have chosen is very apt.

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  2. I read this a few days ago on my phone and it stuck with me, or at least the call of the sea wind coming through the curtains did. Our one week in a big house we rented for our family at Cape San Blas returned to me, going to sleep and waking up with sheer curtains blowing in the bedroom and the sound of the Gulf to sleep by.

    I also saw your picture of The Big House, a book that I loved with a passion when I read it years ago. I am a mountain girl, born and bred, but in the summer there is something in me that wants the kind of experience that so many families used to have in a holiday at the beach. For me it was every June as soon as school was out when we’d drive to Myrtle Beach and spend a week in a brown clapboard cottage two blocks from the beach. Heavenly!


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