We have lost our easy sleep.

I read these lines in Albert’s poem last December, and made a note to share them with you this year. They are just a bit of the whole, which is titled: “A CHRISTMAS STORY.”

Though winter has only just begun.
Something grey and heavy weighs
Upon us. It’s in the air.

What does it take for a year to glow
Even at the end? 

His elaboration on “something grey” is vivid and all too familiar; it was familiar even last winter! And the description of how to break free of the weight — well, it’s worth a click.

 Read it all here.

8 thoughts on “We have lost our easy sleep.

  1. Albert wrote this before we knew about the disaster that was waiting ahead – very powerful words that I recall reading at the time. I hope that your Christmas and year-end will glow: I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to more encounters in the year ahead.

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  2. Oh Gretchen, you are amazing. All the garden talk ( preceded of course by work), the walks, the long drives to visit family described, the church teaching and reflecting, the range of reading, the daily discipline of developing a message to friends at Gladsome Lights– with all that, you remember an image or a line from a year-old poem and think to share it. What a blessing you are. It’s why I visit — to pick up some of that life, that quiet joy in being itself in all its beautiful expressions. My days are brighter for knowing you– through words and pictures to be sure, but they convey your spirit. I am grateful for that. Blessings at Christmas!


  3. Today I went back to a post from last January I grow younger again in January. I enjoyed again the wonderful photos and reading what you wrote was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you, and a very Happy Christmas to you.


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