Remembering Father Thomas

On this day in 2015 Father Thomas Hopko fell asleep in death. His life and teachings were important in my first years in the Orthodox Church especially, so I wanted to post a quote from him today. Then I remembered his famous 55 Maxims that so many people have found helpful; here is a link to a nice presentation of them: Maxims. A sampling:

-Be simple, hidden, quiet and small.
-Don’t try to convince anyone of anything.
-Endure the trial of yourself and your faults serenely, under God’s mercy.
-Do your work, then forget it.
-Read the scriptures regularly.

And a quote for right now:

The lenten season is the time for our conscious return to our true home. It is the time set aside for us to come to ourselves and to get up and go to the divine reality to which we truly belong.  

-Father Thomas Hopko

Memory eternal!

8 thoughts on “Remembering Father Thomas

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for including the link to the full 55; I’ve bookmarked them to keep and to re-read.


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  2. Thanks so much for reminding us of Fr. Thomas’ repose day and his maxims. They have been very helpful to me too. The ones I have memorized are “Never forget that you are a human being” and “Say the Lord’s Prayer as many times as you can during the day.” Memory eternal.

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