Candles and clear skies.

On this feast of many names, including Candlemas, Divine Liturgy was early, and the air bracing. When we came outside afterward we didn’t want to stand on the shady porch to chat, but moved quickly into the sunshine. I walked through the church gardens back to my car, and took a picture of the bell tower on the little church, which I know I have shared before one other time when it was set off brightly by the pyracantha:

In the afternoon I walked around the neighborhood
and saw several plants that seem to be thriving in this season:

At home, some of my miniature irises have popped out!

Though there is nothing festal about this part,
I also want to wish you a Happy Groundhog Day!

Addendum: Not one minute after I published this post, I saw this video by Jonathan Pageau and Richard Rohlin, on “the forgotten Christian origins of Groundhog Day” ! I had to come back and add that link for you. Probably one of you will get to watching it before I do…

8 thoughts on “Candles and clear skies.

  1. Good Morning Gretchen,
    your baby iris is wonderful. I love the pretty things you have growing all around you. My garden looks pretty dismal. I noticed the guy next door has a climbing plant that is starting to bloom. It seems to early but driving yesterday all of the pear trees are starting to bloom. So I guess its going to be an early spring. Have a lovely day


  2. Lovely flowers add so much joy to our lives, And are those painted rocks I spy under that succulent? I’ve started watching the video but breadmaking took me away. I will go watch the rest.


  3. It’s amazing how well the succulents are doing in this weather. Granted, it is nice here, isn’t it? I just cut back my roses and I’m glad that I didn’t wait another day.


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