Deadheading Gazania

This morning I visited some church friends to see their vermiculture setup. Before I ever started my remodeling project almost four years ago, I knew that I wanted to raise worms, but I have put it off until such time as I could make mental and physical space for the project.

When I got home I did some online shopping for various styles of premade stacking trays designed for this kind of farming, and I ran across a video of a man who has quite a large operation and thousands of worms in a giant bin. I took a picture as the video was running, when I saw the sign on the end of this long container of vermiculture:

It’s hard to read, so I will tell you that it says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

After lunch, I found myself in the garden where the gazanias have been needing deadheading for months; suddenly I decided to settle down and just do it. These plants  have been proliferating since I freed them from being crammed in a pot. It’s hard to believe all of them had been in that one pot… well, maybe it was two or three pots. But they do multiply! They are constantly making “drop-ins,” as my long-ago neighbor called the self-sown volunteers.

There is so much variety in the colors and designs of the flowers, it’s always a joy to take a good look at them, in the back corner of the yard where they are easily seen when you’re sitting at the umbrella table. Here you can see them in front of the Jerusalem Sage and the Hopbush.

I had a quiet and peaceful day, even with my morning worm research outing, and then Vespers in the evening. There was plenty of stillness in which to remember God, and there was COLOR!

6 thoughts on “Deadheading Gazania

  1. I have a friend nearby who raises worms! She showed us her bins in the winter which were in the basement. Neat!


  2. Raising worms…that’s an interesting venture or maybe I should say adventure.
    Your Gazanias are lovely. I’ve had them as a house plant but never outside. Yours are very happy where you’ve put them.


  3. Just yesterday I top dressed my tiny garden with castings! It’s broiling hot here and I believe by the look of them they like it. It’s beautiful dark rich color makes them even look cooler. Once all my seedlings get established I’ll lay out some cotton burr mulch. Hopefully they won’t be too stressed


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