Blessing the Waters

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Church fathers tell us that the love of God warms the soul. Hell and sin are cold. So this photo, so striking in its whiteness and cultural drama, also is highly symbolic of Christ’s incarnation and salvation of the world.

I begin to grasp what Fr. Stephen writes, (link from yesterday) how the tradition of the Church “sees the Baptism of Christ in the context of Pascha (Easter) as it sees everything in the context of Christ’s Pascha. Christ’s Baptism is a foreshadowing (and on more than a literary level) of His crucifixion and descent into Hades, just as our own Baptism is seen by St. Paul as a Baptism into Christ’s ‘death and resurrection.’ ”

These Christians are blessing the waters on Theophany as Christ blessed and baptized a cold and needy Creation when He went down into the Jordan.

12 thoughts on “Blessing the Waters

  1. I think you could say that in blessing it we acknowledge that Christ Himself has sanctified His Creation by His Incarnation and pray that it would be revealed in all its restored healthfulness. He is the one who blessed the water and the whole creation that it represents, so that really all water and bread and everything else that we bless is already holy by virtue of it being a gift from God and given so that we would know Him through it. Here is a short explanation specifically on that:
    At the feast everything is sprinkled with the holy water, and we drink it, and take some home. Houses and homes of parishioners are traditionally blessed by sprinkling in the next few weeks. The water of baptism is blessed separately just before people go into it.
    As Wikipedia explains it “According to Orthodox thinking God touches mankind through material means such as water, wine, bread, oil, incense, candles, altars, icons, etc. How God does this is a mystery. On a broad level, the mysteries are an affirmation of the goodness of created matter, and are an emphatic declaration of what that matter was originally created to be.”


  2. I converted from being an Evangelical about 4 years ago, but it was a journey that started way back. Maybe I'll elaborate via a blog page eventually. The problem is, it's one of those things where the more you know, the more you see how little you know…and there is all that Mystery!


  3. I was only going to say that this week's posts leave me speechless, and rarely do I feel I have words worthy of your thinking. But I am typing and considering my home, and imagining it sparkling with the sprinkling of blessing. Thank you!


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