He started off by fasting.

“… Adam chose the treason of the serpent, the originator of evil, in preference to God’s commandment and counsel, and broke the decreed fast. Instead of eternal life he received death and instead of the place of unsullied joy he received this sinful place full of passions and misfortunes, or rather, he was sentenced to Hades and nether darkness. Our nature would have stayed in the infernal regions below the lurking places of the serpent who initially beguiled it, had not Christ come. He started off by fasting (cf. Mk. 1:13) and in the end abolished the serpent’s tyranny, set us free and brought us back to life.”

— St. Gregory Palamas, The Homilies Vol. II

2 thoughts on “He started off by fasting.

  1. Just read your comment on All the Blue Day’s post about Silverbeet ( Swiss Chard). A delicious way to cook it: tear the dark green leaves from the stalk and rip into smaller pieces. Finely slice an onion, courgettes and garlic and the Silverbeet stalks. Fry in a pan with a little oil, cumin, pepper and salt till softened, add the shredded dark leaves and cook for a minute. Makes a delicious side for chicken or fish.


  2. That is a wonderful, fascinating idea, and I just shared it with my Adam — that both the First Adam and the Second Adam, while being tempted by Satan, were given a fast. One broke it and one kept it. Wow! So clear, but I had never thought of it before. Thank you!

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