From the bridge in evening.

It’s a jumble for sure,
but the yellow fennel flowers caught my attention.
This evening I had to struggle to put
one foot in front of the other,
the whole long loop of my walk.
But when I got near the end and stopped briefly here,
gratefulness for this familiar but ever-changing scene
turned into courage.

10 thoughts on “From the bridge in evening.

  1. God’s awesome creation has a way of giving us courage, just by our seeing and enjoying it. It reminds us of His great love for all He created, and to give Him honor and glory in all that He does and works out in our lives.

    Love, hugs & prayers dear Gretchen ~ FlowerLady


  2. I went back to your post on fennel failure too and smiled becauseI just let our fennel grow into a large ornamental plant. I wasn’t really sure when to harvest it, don’t really like raw fennel even though I love fennel seeds in cooking. But I read somewhere that yellow fennel flowers are wonderful in pork dishes and apples and so they will go in with two pork tenderloins I’m marinating now for tomorrow night, with apples and shallots to be added to the pan. Meanwhile the yellow flowers are pretty seen through my kitchen window all day long.

    And my goodness, Gretchen, get some rest!


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