September is a benefaction.

figs with strawberry tree fruit

This might be the first September in ten years that I have stayed home all month. I usually go to the cabin or to celebrate Ivy’s birthday, or both. This staying in place has given me time to pay attention to all the sweetness, and I’m starting to think that it’s my favorite month of the year. Where I live the earth has not lost its deep warmth, the bees are still humming away, and there is more time to just wander in the garden and be astonished.

Instead of the rush of springtime and all the related chores that pile up urgently in that season, late summer/early fall in this mild climate brings with it rudbeckia flowers, bursting milkweed pods, and figs that softly droop on their stems. Am I not the most favored of humans, that I can walk a few steps out my back door and pick a ripe fig to eat then and there?

The heat waves are less intense than the spells in August. We can comfortably leave the windows open all day and night and enjoy the breezes blowing through, as they cycle from cool to warm and back to cool and damp again in the evening. I respond in my several mood and sweater changes.

Many people talk about Indian Summer, but it’s just normal California weather to have hot spells in late September and even into October. If it gets hot after a killing frost, I think that is what they call a true Indian Summer… Call it what you will, I love it, and hate to see it go.

But October is nearly here, and suddenly I need to put toys under cover, order firewood, and plant peas. Last night I had to put another blanket on my bed. Good-bye September! I love you!

11 thoughts on “September is a benefaction.

  1. Your last photograph is outstanding! It is interesting to read of the lingering warm days before the cold sets in. Here, the warmth of spring has arrived more quickly than usual – yet we still get the odd chilly snaps that remind us that summer is not quite ready to settle in.

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  2. So lovely to get a peek into some of your September joy. This year, I’ve noticed the season changing more than times before. I had to add another blanket to my bed and it happened to be the same night you did too.

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  3. You make September to be a charmed month, and not many can do that adequately, even though there has been much good written about it. Since I still have one in school, it still holds prevalence as a back to school month for me.

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  4. I couldn’t give a fig for a fig the way I see them here, in stores, smooshed and packed inside sheer plastic wrap. (I did like Newtons as a child, though they were among the few cookies allowed.) But to see them “softly droop on their stems” near those flowers and pods– that would be delicious, and eating them there must be totally different.

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    1. P.S. While doing an errand for a friend today I walked under her neighbor’s tree and saw on the ground several soft, white-orange persimmons. It brought back memories from long ago, sitting under a persimmon tree waiting for one to drop, the absolute best time to eat them . (Otherwise, by default, I’m a vegetable-and-fruit stand frequentor.)

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